allan pauco

Hi, I am Allan Pauco and welcome to my site!

Thank you for dropping! I appreciate it!

Let me further introduce myself.

I am a Freelance Online Marketer and Financial Coach.

I am fascinated with Digital Marketing and how it helped a lot of individuals and businesses. The technology and psychology behind led me to spend extended hours learning and executing strategies for my clients.

Building social media presence and influence is something I do on the side for others. It made me think, why shouldn’t I do the same for myself? I have enough experience and skillset to share anyway.

I then started to slowly build my own online business. Learn new platforms, created systems, tools and processes for myself. I even personally setup and maintain this website that serves as my main channel to connect to most of my audience.

Just to set the expectation here, I’m far from being a guru. Though for me, I see it as an advantage because people can easily relate and learn with me along the way.

I love talking to people, listen to their stories and learn from them.

With my knowledge and experience at hand, my goal is to share valuable content validated with experiential ideas which I hope would eventually ripple positive impact to other people.


I do have a full-time job in a Global IT security company for more than 11 years now. Luckily, I managed to step up the ladder and assumed different roles. It is my first company, and I enjoy the working environment there.

Most of the things I know about Management and Personal Effectiveness are the result of my years of engagement in the industry. I get the chance to contribute and spearhead high impact projects, lead teams, and different initiatives.

But the most fulfilling with what I do there is that I help and coach people, especially those who are just starting out on their career. I help them realize their potential and guide their way to perform and define their value.

Though the workplace and the job itself appear to be perfect, like most of the corporate employees, we do not picture ourselves working until we retire at the age of 60 or worst case at 65. Thus it is common for people to look for another source of income.


I ventured to a lot of different activities, some gave good returns, and some were seasonal and eventually had to be shut down. Oh well, that’s how business works.

That’s why we need “multiple sources” of income to be more diverse and lower down the risks.

And these are the so-called, “Plan Bs.” 🙂


It was November 2014 when I got introduced to the world of freelancing. I explored and signed-up to different Freelance Job Marketplace to observe and learn what skills are in demand.

I read the book “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss which inspires me in having an automated business, so I don’t have to exchange my time for money. The idea of “The New Rich” struck me the most.

I just have to figure out what I am naturally good at back then.

I eventually landed a client who entrusted me with all of his projects, marketing, and automation. Up until today, I am still working with him on a lot of different levels.

Since then, I invested time and money in attending seminars, courses and networking events focusing on Freelancing and Digital Marketing.


Picture yourself at the end of the rat race where you no longer need to exchange your time for money as you are already earning from interest or passive income.

You have a good business that is enough to sustain your lifestyle. May it be brick-and-mortar or an online business.

You have the voice to influence people to take actions and create value.

Your actions make a significant impact on the society.

Living the life you’ve always wanted.

Doing the things you’ve always love to do with the people you wanted to be with.



If you are an Entrepreneur, a Freelancer or a Corporate Employee who’s looking to break or already into Freelancing or Digital Marketing Industry, I’ll be happy to connect! 🙂

I want to hear your story. Let me know how can I help!